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Street Scene by Peggy Empty Street Scene by Peggy

Post by madcapmaggie on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:12 am

April 4: write a distance poem

Street Scene

Far far away
From somewhere or other
Something happens
And it is very interesting
Though I'm not exactly sure
What that is
But a girl is staring out a window
For what I suppose is an unhappy reason

Maybe she broke up with her boyfriend
Or she spilled ink on her new sweater
Or her spark plugs broke
As she was leaving for a long-awaited
Job interview

But down on the sidewalk,
A boy is staring up at her
For no particularly good reason
But simply because he is an idler
And right now has nothing to do

She turned on the light in her bedroom
Before she went to stand at the window
So she is clearly illuminated
Against the creamy beige of the walls

That's French beige in case you're wondering,
Which is a lighter shade than American beige,
Almost an off-white

She is wearing a black lacy bra
And black satin underpants
That she bought on sale yesterday
At Victoria's Secret
To celebrate losing ten pounds

But she was late getting back from lunch
And her boss fired her
Simply because he was in a bad mood
And also because that now that she lost
The ten pounds, his wife is jealous
And he doesn't want to deal with it

So now she is standing at the window
Feeling sorry for herself
While down on the street below,
The idler stares at her and whistles


She blushes,
Feels better,
And pulls down the shade


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